Nurse Stress

Nurse Stress

An advanced nurse or caregiver, then you know the value of protecting both yourself and your patient if you are working. However, many nurse practitioners return injuries or strains if they are transferring patients, lifting equipment or moving supplies, and some patients are injured also. For this reason it is rather important that you use every precaution required to protect all relevant parties.

Follow Guidelines

Should you work with a medical facility, ensure that you follow all guidelines they have in position about transferring patients. This might imply that you'll want several nurses readily available to help move the patient, or it might require you to utilize a patient lift. Patient lifts will require the strain off of you and the patient, which keeps everyone safer, while extra hands will make sure that help is available in case of the accident. As well as protecting you against injury, following the guidelines will save you from any legal ramifications if an accident occurs.

Wear the correct Equipment

It doesn't matter what form of work you are doing, it is vital that you wear the correct shoes. This is especially important when you're working in the health care industry. As you are in your feet throughout the day, you might be more susceptible to injuries. A good pair of shoes could keep parts of your muscles and joints healthy so you are more unlikely to pull or strain a muscle.

If you are lifting patients or heavy equipment, you need to wear a back brace. This will help you remember how to bend properly also to lift using your legs.

Change Position Often

As you are dealing with patients, ensure that you improve your position often. Don't hunch over a patient's bed for several minutes without taking a stand straight, because this might cause the muscles inside your neck, back and shoulders to become bunched up. Keep the movements varied, and avoid repetitive movements, which will overwork parts of your muscles.

Nurse Stress

Outside the Workplace

When you get off work, it's still crucial that you look after your back. Take a long, hot bath to appease away the stress of the day. Go to a chiropractor if necessary, which assists to ease any strains or knots you will likely have. It's also wise to enjoy an occasional massage to pamper your back and should muscles.


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